February 16, 2011

Hong Kong Girl

港女 [gong2 neoi5*2] (Hong Kong Girl) is a Cantonese term that came up only a few years ago. The following video clip shows what a typical "Hong Kong Girl" looks/sounds like.

I won't be translating the whole scene. Believe me, when you are quarrelling with a Hong Kong Girl, it is better not to understand anything she says.

Towards the end of the clip, the guy was ordered to throw the phone away. 抌 [dam2] (throw) is a very useful term to learn. The phone or the girl? I would choose to keep the phone.

By the way, this is not a real scene. It was actually part of a filming session. Some bystander thought it was real and posted the recording on YouTube.


nei5 {you} hai6 mai6 {to be or not to be} zung1 ji3 {love} bou6 (classifier) din6 waa6*2 {phone} do1 gwo3 {more than} ngo5 {me} aa3 (particle) ?!
Do you love the phone more than me?!

I don't want to listen!!
no5 {I} m4 {not} teng1 {listen} aa3 (particle) !!

Throw the phone away!!
nei5 {you} dam2 {throw} zo2 (perfective aspect) bou6 (classifier) din6 waa6*2 {phone} keoi5 {it} !!