December 1, 2010

San Francisco

I am trying to experiment different formats to present the Cantonese learning materials. Here is an audio clip I recorded for John earlier this year at Rhinospike. I use the CantoDict Parser to spit out the translation and transliteration.

Let me know if this helps.

Source: Wikipedia


saam1 faan4 si5 jan4 hau2 hai2 mei5 gwok3 paai4 dai6 sap6 sei3 tung4 maai4 hai2 gaa1 zau1 paai4 dai6 sei3 。 sing4 si5 hai2 saam1 faan4 si5 bun3 dou2 bak1 gok3 tung4 maai4 hai6 saam1 faan4 si5 waan1 keoi1 ge3 zung1 sam1 ,sai1 bin1 deoi3 zyu6 taai3 ping4 joeng4 ,dung1 bin1 tung4 bak1 bin1 deoi3 zyu6 saam1 faan4 si5 waan1 。


三藩市 saam1 faan4 si5 - San Francisco
人口 jan4 hau2 - population
喺 hai2 - be in; be on; be at
美國 mei5 gwok3 - America, USA
排 paai4 - row; rank; line
第十四 dai6 sap6 sei3 - fourteenth
同埋 tung4 maai4 - and; join in
加州 gaa1 zau1 - California
第四 dai6 sei3 - fourth
城市 sing4 si5 - city
半島 bun3 dou2 - peninsula
北角 bak1 gok3 - northern corner
係 hai6 - is; are
灣區 waan1 keoi1 - Bay Area
嘅 ge3 - possessive/final particle
中心 zung1 sam1 - centre
西邊 sai1 bin1 - west side, western part, west of
對住 deoi3 zyu6 - to face something or to (physically) oppose something
太平洋 taai3 ping4 joeng4 - Pacific Ocean
東邊 dung1 bin1 - eastern side
同 tung4 - same; together; for
北邊 bak1 bin1 - north side, to the north

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