February 17, 2009

Woman Missed Her Flight at HKIA

Today's lesson is very important. How do you comfort a person at a time when she really needs to be comforted, in situations such as this one?

What did the woman say really? Well, you don't need to know, but you probably can guess. Remember, comforting is an art!

Transcript / [Jyutping] / Translation

0:23 - 唔好咁激動啦! 唔好咁激動啦!
[m4 hou2 gam3 gik1 dung6 laa1! m4 hou2 gam3 gik1 dung6 laa1!]
Please calm down (don't get so agitated)! Please calm down!

0:48 - 唔好噉啦!
[m4 hou2 gam2 laa1!]
Please don't be like that!

0:56 - 唔好咁激動啦!有第班機安排畀你哋嘅,你放心啦!我哋幫你安排
[m4 hou2 gam3 gik1 dung6 laa1! jau5 dai6 baan1 gei1 on1 paai4 bei2 nei5 dei6 ge3, nei5 fong3 sam1 laa1! ngo5 dei6 bong1 nei5 on1 paai4]
Please calm down! There will be another plane arranged for you, don't worry! We will arrange it.

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