September 15, 2008

Try Our Breast

I have been laughing my head off in the past few days watching this news clip. Indeed, I am still laughing while writing this post.

Gary Chan (陳克勤) has been elected as a LegCo member last week. At the age of 32, he has become the youngest elected Legco member in the HKSAR.

This interview was conducted right after he was elected and was broadcast live. Don't worry if you cannot pick up the Chinese part well. Have some fun with the English part.

Transcript / Jyutping / Translation

ngo5 dei6 tai2 haa5 ne1 jin6 coeng4 ne1 zau6 hai6 wan2 dou2 ne1 zau6 hai6 can4 hak1 kan4 gaa3
Let's see ... we have found Gary Chan live

噉佢係新界東嘅候選人. 一齊聽一聽
gam2 keoi5 hai6 san1 gaai3 dung1 ge3 hau6 syun2 jan4. jat1 cai4 teng1 jat1 teng1
He is the candidate of New Territory East. Let's hear.

... 政府嘅工作
... zing3 fu2 ge3 gung1 zok3
... the government's job

Mr. Chan, you were able to get a seat, but the government's friendly camp is losing one seat, sounds like it. Is that to your surprise, and how do you feel?

It is a little bit surprised for us. But we will try our breast (best) to ... still try our brest (best) to ... not just criticize the government's policy but also make some good suggestions in order to improve the people's living hood (livelihood).

... 首要嘅工作係咩呢?
... sau2 jiu3 ge3 gung1 zok3 hai6 me1 ne1?
... first task is what?

ngo5 kei4 sat6 hai6 hou2 hei1 mong6 ne1 ze1 hai6 ne1 ze1 hai6 zing3 fu2 ne1 hai6 ho2 ji5 zeon6 faai3 cung4 teoi1 ...
Indeed, I very much hope that the government can as quickly as possible relaunch ...

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