June 19, 2008

No Problem

A service guy was fixing my garage door today. He was a Polish immigrant living in Toronto for many years. I thanked him after his job was done. He replied in Cantonese loud and clear: "冇問題"!

"冇問題" (mou5 mun6 tai4) can mean "no problem" or "no question" depending on the context. It is a useful phrase very easy to learn. Dashan (Mark Rowswell) has demonstrated it in this TV advertisement.

Dashan is a well-known public figure in China. But I must admit that I only got to know about him a month-or-so ago, from this TV advertisement. Cantonese is not Dashan's strength. It was interesting though, in one of his interviews, Dashan said that he actually learned his Cantonese in Toronto's Chinatown. However, his Mandarin is amazing. Check it out in his other Ford advertisement in Mandarin.

Here is the transcription of the first 2 lines.

Transcript / Jyutping / Translation

daai6 saan1 sin1 saang1,sap6 fan1 zung1 hau6 zeon2 bei6 maai4 wai2
Mr. Dashan, ready to film in 10 minutes.

OK,mou5 man6 tai4
Ok, no problam.

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