April 13, 2008

Suggestions on Materials to Transcribe

Some of you might have already figured out, by the lack my posts in the past few weeks, that I have been extremely busy. You are right!

In the past, it took me time to transcribe the materials. This is fine with me, as I regard this as my contribution to the learner's community. But then I find it equally time-consuming just to look for suitable materials to transcribe. I wonder if my readers could assist me in proposing the materials.

If you come up with some materials (short audio/video clips) that you think would interest other Cantonese learners, and need me to transcribe, please drop me an email. I do have some criteria myself in selecting suitable materials, so please don't feel bad if you request is rejected.

Let's try this out to see if it works. Looking forward for your suggestions. Thanks in advance.

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