February 17, 2008

English Tutoring

The Internet English tutor Mr Siu (蕭Sir) has turned famous in a short period of time. His blog "Learn English starting from the F-word " (英文由F字學起) has attracted millions of viewers, and the number is growing rapidly. He teaches people how to get rid of their Hong Kong English accent. He has made a lot of video clips in Youtube. Here is one of them:

Transcript / Jyutping / Translation

jau5 tung4 hok6 ne1 tai2 gwo3 ngo5 gaau3 ne1 Exactly ne1 go3 zi6 go3 duk6 jam1 go2 dyun6 pin2 zi1 hau6 ne1
A student saw the clip in which I taught how to pronounce the word "Exactly"

zau6 lau4 ji3 dou2
And he noticed

ngo5 duk6 Exactly ne1 go3 zi6 ge3 si4 hau6 ne1
When I pronounce the word "Exactly"

ngo5 go3 T jam1 m4 gin3 zo2 ge3
My T-sound disappears

gam2 keoi5 man6 ngo5
He asked me

hai2 me1 je5 cing4 fong3 zi1 haa6 ngo5 dei6 sin1 m4 duk6 go3 T jam1 ne1
In what circumstances will we not pronounce the 'T'

gam2 kei4 sat6 zau6 hai6
In fact

tung1 soeng4 ne1 ngo5 dei6 go3 T jam1 ne1
Quite often, our T-sound

hai2 leong5 go3 Consonant zi1 gaan1 ge3 si4 hau6 ne1
When it is between 2 consonants

ngo5 dei6 go3 T jam1 dou1 mei6 bit1 wui5 duk6 ceot1 lei4
We will probably not pronounce our T-sound

lai6 jyu4 ngo5 dei6 ni1 go3 Exactly ni1 go3 zi6 zau6 hai6
"Exactly" is an example

ngo5 dei6 ni1 go3 T jam1 hai2 go3 K jam1 tung4 maai4 go3 L zi1 gaan1
Our T-sound is between the K-sound and the L

gam2 jyu4 gwo2 ngo5 jiu3 gaap3 ngaang2 duk6 go3 T jam1 ceot1 lei4 ne1
If I were to force to pronounce the T-sound

ngo5 tiu4 lei6 zau6 wui5 hou2 san1 fu2
It would be hard for my tongue

gam2 so2 ji5 ne1 tung1 soeng4 ne1 zau6 zik6 cing4 m4 duk6 laak3
So therefore we often don't pronounce it right away

gam2 zau6 Exactly...Exactly
So it is "Exactly"... "Exactly"

ji4 m4 hai6 Exact-ly
And not "Exact-ly"

Ok? 噉就Exactly...Exactly
Ok? gam2 zau6 Exactly...Exactly
OK? It is "Exactly"... "Exactly"

gam2 gaau2 dim1 laak3
So we are done.

重有咩嘢例子? 譬如我哋有
zung6 jau5 me1 je5 lai6 zi2? pei3 jyu4 ngo5 dei6 jau5
Any other examples? For example, we have...

Strictly... OK? Strictly

ngo5 dei6 go3 T jam1 dou1 hai6 m4 duk6 gaa3
We don't pronounce our T-sound

jik6 dou1 hai6 K tung4 maai4 go3 L zi1 gaan1
It is also between the K and the L

jau5 jat1 go3 gan6 ci5 ge3 lai6 zi2
There is a similar example

pei3 jyu4 Directly
For example, "Directly"

(waak6 ze2)Directly...(waak6 ze2)Directly dou1 hai6
(Or) "Directly" ... (Or) "Directly" ... the same

gam2 jau5 si4 m4 jat1 ding6 hai6 hai2 zi6...
Then some time it does not have to be inside a word...

jat1 go3 zi6 zi1 gaan1 sin1 hai6 gam2 ge3
a word when this happens

ho2 nang4 zi6 tung4 zi6 zi1 gaan1 ne1
It could be between words

ngo5 dei6 dou1 wui5 gam2 ge3
We also have this

dong1 ngo5 dei6 hai6...go3 T jam1
When we have our T-sound

hai2 leong5 go3 Consonant zi1 gaan1 ge3 si4 hau6
Between 2 consonants

lai6 jyu4...pei3 jyu4 ngo5 waa6
For example, if I say

He dressed like a woman

gam2 jyu4 gwo2 ngo5 sing4 geoi3 duk6 ge3 si4 hau6
So if I say the whole sentence

譬如我Yesterday啦, 琴日嘅
pei3 jyu4 ngo5 Yesterday laa1, kam4 jat6 ge3
For example, if it was yesterday

gam2 go3 Dress ni1 go3 zi6 ne1
Then the word "Dress"

D-R-E-S-S ne1 jau5 ED ge3
"Dress" has an "ed"

gam2 so2 ji5 jau5 go3 T jam1 hai2 hau6 min6 ge3
So there is a T-sound at the end

gam2 daan6 hai6 ne1 dong1 sing4 geoi3 duk6 ge3 si4 hau6 ne1
But then if I say the whole sentence

go3 T jam1 wui5 bin3 zo2 hai6 S tung4 maai4 hau6 min6 go3
The T-sound turns out to be between the S and

Woman...go2 go3 Like cin4 min6 go3 L jam1 zi1 gaan1
The L-sound in front of "Woman"... "Like"

gam2 so2 ji5 ne1 wai6 min5 ma4 faan4
So therefore to save the trouble

我哋都會唔讀個T音, 就噉
ngo5 dei6 dou1 wui5 m4 duk6 go3 T jam1, zau6 gam2
We won't pronounce the T-sound. It is...

He dressed like a woman

OK? He dressed like a woman

噉, 就係噉
gam2, zau6 hai6 gam2
Then, that is it.

go3 T jam1 dou1 hai6 m4 duk6 ceot1 lei4
We won't pronounce the T-sound

好! 就講住咁多先
hou2! zau6 gong2 zyu6 gam3 do1 sin1
Good, that is it.

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