September 15, 2008

Try Our Breast

I have been laughing my head off in the past few days watching this news clip. Indeed, I am still laughing while writing this post.

Gary Chan (陳克勤) has been elected as a LegCo member last week. At the age of 32, he has become the youngest elected Legco member in the HKSAR.

This interview was conducted right after he was elected and was broadcast live. Don't worry if you cannot pick up the Chinese part well. Have some fun with the English part.

Transcript / Jyutping / Translation

ngo5 dei6 tai2 haa5 ne1 jin6 coeng4 ne1 zau6 hai6 wan2 dou2 ne1 zau6 hai6 can4 hak1 kan4 gaa3
Let's see ... we have found Gary Chan live

噉佢係新界東嘅候選人. 一齊聽一聽
gam2 keoi5 hai6 san1 gaai3 dung1 ge3 hau6 syun2 jan4. jat1 cai4 teng1 jat1 teng1
He is the candidate of New Territory East. Let's hear.

... 政府嘅工作
... zing3 fu2 ge3 gung1 zok3
... the government's job

Mr. Chan, you were able to get a seat, but the government's friendly camp is losing one seat, sounds like it. Is that to your surprise, and how do you feel?

It is a little bit surprised for us. But we will try our breast (best) to ... still try our brest (best) to ... not just criticize the government's policy but also make some good suggestions in order to improve the people's living hood (livelihood).

... 首要嘅工作係咩呢?
... sau2 jiu3 ge3 gung1 zok3 hai6 me1 ne1?
... first task is what?

ngo5 kei4 sat6 hai6 hou2 hei1 mong6 ne1 ze1 hai6 ne1 ze1 hai6 zing3 fu2 ne1 hai6 ho2 ji5 zeon6 faai3 cung4 teoi1 ...
Indeed, I very much hope that the government can as quickly as possible relaunch ...

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August 30, 2008


Doraemon (ドラえもん) is a popular Japanese manga series which has become an anime series and Asian franchise. Everyone from East Asia, from old to young, should know about it.

Here is one of the episodes. I have transcribed the first half. The second half will come later.

Transcript / Jyutping / Translation

zoeng1 loi4 dik1 zi6 gei2
The future self

爸爸, 真係要幫幫手呀
baa4 baa1, zan1 hai6 jiu3 bong1 bong1 sau2 aa3
Papa, I really need your help

講得啱呀, 既然係噉大家慳啲使啦
gong2 dak1 ngaam1 aa3, gei3 jin4 hai6 gam2 daai6 gaa1 haan1 di1 sai2 laa1
What you said is right. This means we need to spend less.

jam2 ca4 laa1

m4 goi1 saai3
Thank you

tai2 lei4 ngo5 dou1 jiu3 gaam2 siu2 di1 jyu4 lok6 sin1 dak1 laa1
It seems that I need to reduce my entertainment

ngo5 dou1 m4 ho2 ji5 sing4 jat6 heoi3 faat3 jing4 uk1 dou6 zing2 tau4 faat3 laa1
I also cannot go to the salon often to do my hair

哎呀! 唔得呀! 多啦A夢
aai1 aa3! m4 dak1 aa3! do1 laa1 A mung6
Ah, can't do it. Doraemon

大雄, 有咩事呀?
daai6 hung4, jau5 me1 si6 aa3?
Nobita, what's up?

ngo5 dei6 ceot1 heoi3 waan2 haa5 lo3
Let's go to play


hai6 gam2 ngo5 dei6 waan2 me1 hou2 aa3?
So what do we play?

gei3 jin4 hai6 wai6 zo2 daai6 hung4 ge3 ngo5 dei6 jat1 ding6 jiu3 haan1 di1 laa1
So, for the sake of Nobita, we have to spend less

係啦, 你哋要慳錢, 係咪想買嘢畀我呀?
hai6 laa1, nei5 dei6 jiu3 haan1 cin2, hai6 mai6 soeng2 maai5 je5 bei2 ngo5 aa3?
Yes, you need to spend less, is it because you are buying stuff for me?

hai6 jiu3 haan1 bat1 cin2 ceot1 lei4 bong1 nei5 wan2 go3 bou2 zaap6 lou5 si1 aa3
It is to save some money to find a private tutor for you

冇錯呀, 你嘅零用錢都要畀少啲
mou5 co3 aa3, nei5 ge3 ling4 jung6 cin2 dou1 jiu3 bei2 siu2 di1
That's right, your pocket money also needs to be reduced

zau6 gam2 kyut3 ding6 laa1
Let's make it so

我唔要呀, 我唔要補習老師呀! 我唔要...我唔要...唔要呀
ngo5 m4 jiu3 aa3, ngo5 m4 jiu3 bou2 zaap6 lou5 si1 aa3! ngo5 m4 jiu3 ... ngo5 m4 jiu3 ... m4 jiu3 aa3
I don't want, I don't want a private tutor. I don't want ... I don't want ... don't want

daan6 hai6 nei5 ge3 sing4 zik1 zan1 hai6 caa1 dak1 hou2 lei4 pou2 wo3
But your marks are really very poor

如果再唔搵個補習老師幫你呀, 你實追唔去咖
jyu4 gwo2 zoi3 m4 wan2 go3 bou2 zaap6 lou5 si1 bong1 nei5 aa3, nei5 sat6 zeoi1 m4 heoi3 gaa3
If we cannot find a private tutor for you, you cannot catch up

我應成你哋我會努力, 下個學期嘅成績一定有進步咖
ngo5 jing1 sing4 nei5 dei6 ngo5 wui5 nou5 lik6, haa6 go3 hok6 kei4 ge3 sing4 zik1 jat1 ding6 jau5 zeon3 bou6 gaa3
I promise you I will work hard, the marks for next semester must be improved

我真係唔制呀, 放咗學都仲要對住補習老師. 唔好阻住我做功課呀
ngo5 zan1 hai6 m4 zai3 aa3, fong3 zo2 hok6 dou1 zung6 jiu3 deoi3 zyu6 bou2 zaap6 lou5 si1. m4 hou2 zo2 zyu6 ngo5 zou6 gung1 fo3 aa3
I really don't want it, after school I still need to face a private tutor. Don't bother me while I do my homework

知啦! 大雄佢真係似乎肯用功讀書喎
zi1 laa1! daai6 hung4 keoi5 zan1 hai6 ci5 fu4 hang2 jung6 gung1 duk6 syu1 wo3
I know (get it)! Nobita, he really seems to be willing to put in the effort to study

gwo3 zo2 ng5 fan1 zung1 ping4 si4 keoi5 ji5 ging1 cung1 zo2 ceot1 lei4 laa1
5 minutes has passed, normally he would have come out

過咗十分鐘啦, 平時佢已經離開咗張書枱搞埋嗮啲無謂嘢啦
gwo3 zo2 sap6 fan1 zung1 laa1, ping4 si4 keoi5 ji5 ging1 lei4 hoi1 zo2 zoeng1 syu1 toi2 gaau2 maai4 saai3 di1 mou4 wai6 je5 laa1
10 minutes has passed, normally he would have left the desk and would have been doing some unimportant stuff

果然係噉... 即係話想唔搵補習老師都唔得啦
gwo2 jin4 hai6 gam2 ... zik1 hai6 waa6 soeng2 m4 wan2 bou2 zaap6 lou5 si1 dou1 m4 dak1 laa1
It really turns out that way ... so we cannot but to find a private tutor

多啦A夢, 等陣呀!
do1 laa1 A mung6, dang2 zan6 aa3!
Doraemon, wait!

gam2 nei5 nam2 zyu6 dim2 zou6 aa3?
So what do you want to do?

你問我諗住點做呀, 我都唔知道呀
nei5 man6 ngo5 nam2 zyu6 dim2 zou6 aa3, ngo5 dou1 m4 zi1 dou3 aa3
You ask me what I want to do, I don't know

有啦! 呢個咁好嘅主意係我先諗倒咖咋
jau5 laa1! nei1 go3 gam3 hou2 ge3 zyu2 ji3 hai6 ngo5 sin1 nam2 dou2 gaa3 zaa3
I've got it! This great idea can only be thought of by me

mat1 je5 aa3?

就係用時光機去到三年後嘅世界, 帶讀緊中學嘅我翻來呢一度
zau6 hai6 jung6 si4 gwong1 gei1 heoi3 dou3 saam1 nin4 hau6 ge3 sai3 gaai3, daai3 duk6 gan2 zung1 hok6 ge3 ngo5 faan1 lei4 nei4 jat1 dou6
It is to use the time machine to go to the world 3 years later, bring myself who is studying in the high school back to here

我係成績差, 到咗中學, 小學嘅嘢唔多唔少都會搞得掂嘅
ngo5 hai6 sing4 zik1 caa1, dou3 zo2 zung1 hok6, siu2 hok6 ge3 je5 m4 do1 m4 siu2 dou1 wui5 gaau2 dak1 dim6 ge3
My marks are bad, when in high school, I should be able to handle the primary school stuff more-or-less

好啦, 快啲去啦
hou2 laa1, faai3 di1 heoi3 laa1
Good, let's go quickly

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June 19, 2008

No Problem

A service guy was fixing my garage door today. He was a Polish immigrant living in Toronto for many years. I thanked him after his job was done. He replied in Cantonese loud and clear: "冇問題"!

"冇問題" (mou5 mun6 tai4) can mean "no problem" or "no question" depending on the context. It is a useful phrase very easy to learn. Dashan (Mark Rowswell) has demonstrated it in this TV advertisement.

Dashan is a well-known public figure in China. But I must admit that I only got to know about him a month-or-so ago, from this TV advertisement. Cantonese is not Dashan's strength. It was interesting though, in one of his interviews, Dashan said that he actually learned his Cantonese in Toronto's Chinatown. However, his Mandarin is amazing. Check it out in his other Ford advertisement in Mandarin.

Here is the transcription of the first 2 lines.

Transcript / Jyutping / Translation

daai6 saan1 sin1 saang1,sap6 fan1 zung1 hau6 zeon2 bei6 maai4 wai2
Mr. Dashan, ready to film in 10 minutes.

OK,mou5 man6 tai4
Ok, no problam.

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May 2, 2008


People in Hong Kong love to protest. Protests from large to small scale are on the news everyday. Fortunately, most of these are peaceful and unlike in many other places, people in Hong Kong rarely go on real strike.

The slogans shouted out in a protest are usually short, simple, and rather repetitive. You might find them hard to understand through the loud speaker at first, but once you know them, they are actually very easier to follow.

The following is not really a protest, but for some reason, it was conducted just like a typical protest. The crowd were supporting the Beijing Olympics, but they seemed to be quite agitated. It is funny that the leader seemed to run out of slogans towards the end, so she kept repeating the same ones in different languages.

Transcript / Jyutping / Translation


zung1 gwok3 bit1 sing3
China will surely win!

zung1 gwok3 gaa1 jau4
Go China Go!

wo4 ping4

jau5 ngoi3

(fun1 jing4 zung1 gwok3 lei4...)

fun1 jing4 lei4 dou3 zung1 gwok3
Welcome to China!

fun1 jing4 dou3 zung1 gwok3
Welcome to China!

Welcome to China!

Welcome to China!

zi1 ci4 bak1 ging1 ou3 wan6
We support the Beijing Olympics!

ngo5 oi3 zung1 gwok3
We love China!

We love China!

我愛中國! (Mandarin)
We love China!

We love...

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April 13, 2008

Suggestions on Materials to Transcribe

Some of you might have already figured out, by the lack my posts in the past few weeks, that I have been extremely busy. You are right!

In the past, it took me time to transcribe the materials. This is fine with me, as I regard this as my contribution to the learner's community. But then I find it equally time-consuming just to look for suitable materials to transcribe. I wonder if my readers could assist me in proposing the materials.

If you come up with some materials (short audio/video clips) that you think would interest other Cantonese learners, and need me to transcribe, please drop me an email. I do have some criteria myself in selecting suitable materials, so please don't feel bad if you request is rejected.

Let's try this out to see if it works. Looking forward for your suggestions. Thanks in advance.

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March 1, 2008

Sam Sullivan

The legendary Hong Kong actress Lydia Shum (沈殿霞) passed away on February 19, 2008 from liver cancer, aged 62.

Lydia's body was later transported from Hong Kong to Vancouver for burial. On February 26, 2008, the mayor of the City of Vancouver, Sam Sullivan, proclaimed the following June 1 to be "Fei Fei Day" to commerate Lydia.

Here is the major talking about Lydia ... in Cantonese!!

Sam Sullivan, Canada’s first-ever disabled mayor, learned Cantonese only after he became a politician. He can also speak Punjabi and French. He was paralysed after a tragic skiing accident when he was 19. Besides language acquisitions, he has also made many other accomplishments in his life. What an inspiring life story!

Transcript / Jyutping / Translation

ngo5 gin3 gwo3 keoi5 gei2 ci3
I have seen her a few times

bat1 gwo3 ngo5 tai2 gwo3 hou2 do1 ci3 keoi5 ge3 zit3 muk6
But I have seen her shows a lot of times

fun1 lok6 gam1 siu1 dang2 dang2
"Enjoy Yourself Tonight", etc

gam2 go3 gam2 gok3 hai6 dim2 joeng6 ne1 ... gok3 dak1?
What do you think about her? (How do you feel about her?)

ngo5 hou2 zung1 ji3 keoi5
I love her very much

ngo5 waa6 keoi5 hai6 hou2 hou2 ge3 ngai6 seot6 gaa1
I say she is a very good artist

keoi5 ... ngo5 tai2 ni1 go3 din6 si6 ... gu2 lai6 ngo5
She ... when I watch the TV ... motivates me

do1 di1 lin6 zaap6 gong2 jyut6 jyu5
To practise my Cantonese more

wui2 coeng4 jap6 hau2 zung6 baai2 zo2 jat1 bun2 gei3 nim6 caak3
There was a memorial book placed at the hall entrance

dang2 dou3 coeng4 ge3 mui5 jat1 wai2 loi4 ban1
For every guest who arrived

dou1 ho2 ji5 se2 dai1 deoi3 fei4 ze2 ge3 zeoi3 hau6 syut3 waa6
To write down what they wanted to say to Lydia

wan1 go1 waa4 si5 zoeng2 sou1 lei6 man4 gang3 gaa1 can1 zi6 ji5 zung1 man2 cim1 soeng5 zi6 gei2 ge3 meng2
Sam Sullivan, the majoy of Vancouver, also signed his own name in Chinese

hoeng3 fei4 ze2 zok3 zeoi3 hau6 ge3 zi3 ging3
To pay his last respect to lydia

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February 17, 2008

English Tutoring

The Internet English tutor Mr Siu (蕭Sir) has turned famous in a short period of time. His blog "Learn English starting from the F-word " (英文由F字學起) has attracted millions of viewers, and the number is growing rapidly. He teaches people how to get rid of their Hong Kong English accent. He has made a lot of video clips in Youtube. Here is one of them:

Transcript / Jyutping / Translation

jau5 tung4 hok6 ne1 tai2 gwo3 ngo5 gaau3 ne1 Exactly ne1 go3 zi6 go3 duk6 jam1 go2 dyun6 pin2 zi1 hau6 ne1
A student saw the clip in which I taught how to pronounce the word "Exactly"

zau6 lau4 ji3 dou2
And he noticed

ngo5 duk6 Exactly ne1 go3 zi6 ge3 si4 hau6 ne1
When I pronounce the word "Exactly"

ngo5 go3 T jam1 m4 gin3 zo2 ge3
My T-sound disappears

gam2 keoi5 man6 ngo5
He asked me

hai2 me1 je5 cing4 fong3 zi1 haa6 ngo5 dei6 sin1 m4 duk6 go3 T jam1 ne1
In what circumstances will we not pronounce the 'T'

gam2 kei4 sat6 zau6 hai6
In fact

tung1 soeng4 ne1 ngo5 dei6 go3 T jam1 ne1
Quite often, our T-sound

hai2 leong5 go3 Consonant zi1 gaan1 ge3 si4 hau6 ne1
When it is between 2 consonants

ngo5 dei6 go3 T jam1 dou1 mei6 bit1 wui5 duk6 ceot1 lei4
We will probably not pronounce our T-sound

lai6 jyu4 ngo5 dei6 ni1 go3 Exactly ni1 go3 zi6 zau6 hai6
"Exactly" is an example

ngo5 dei6 ni1 go3 T jam1 hai2 go3 K jam1 tung4 maai4 go3 L zi1 gaan1
Our T-sound is between the K-sound and the L

gam2 jyu4 gwo2 ngo5 jiu3 gaap3 ngaang2 duk6 go3 T jam1 ceot1 lei4 ne1
If I were to force to pronounce the T-sound

ngo5 tiu4 lei6 zau6 wui5 hou2 san1 fu2
It would be hard for my tongue

gam2 so2 ji5 ne1 tung1 soeng4 ne1 zau6 zik6 cing4 m4 duk6 laak3
So therefore we often don't pronounce it right away

gam2 zau6 Exactly...Exactly
So it is "Exactly"... "Exactly"

ji4 m4 hai6 Exact-ly
And not "Exact-ly"

Ok? 噉就Exactly...Exactly
Ok? gam2 zau6 Exactly...Exactly
OK? It is "Exactly"... "Exactly"

gam2 gaau2 dim1 laak3
So we are done.

重有咩嘢例子? 譬如我哋有
zung6 jau5 me1 je5 lai6 zi2? pei3 jyu4 ngo5 dei6 jau5
Any other examples? For example, we have...

Strictly... OK? Strictly

ngo5 dei6 go3 T jam1 dou1 hai6 m4 duk6 gaa3
We don't pronounce our T-sound

jik6 dou1 hai6 K tung4 maai4 go3 L zi1 gaan1
It is also between the K and the L

jau5 jat1 go3 gan6 ci5 ge3 lai6 zi2
There is a similar example

pei3 jyu4 Directly
For example, "Directly"

(waak6 ze2)Directly...(waak6 ze2)Directly dou1 hai6
(Or) "Directly" ... (Or) "Directly" ... the same

gam2 jau5 si4 m4 jat1 ding6 hai6 hai2 zi6...
Then some time it does not have to be inside a word...

jat1 go3 zi6 zi1 gaan1 sin1 hai6 gam2 ge3
a word when this happens

ho2 nang4 zi6 tung4 zi6 zi1 gaan1 ne1
It could be between words

ngo5 dei6 dou1 wui5 gam2 ge3
We also have this

dong1 ngo5 dei6 hai6...go3 T jam1
When we have our T-sound

hai2 leong5 go3 Consonant zi1 gaan1 ge3 si4 hau6
Between 2 consonants

lai6 jyu4...pei3 jyu4 ngo5 waa6
For example, if I say

He dressed like a woman

gam2 jyu4 gwo2 ngo5 sing4 geoi3 duk6 ge3 si4 hau6
So if I say the whole sentence

譬如我Yesterday啦, 琴日嘅
pei3 jyu4 ngo5 Yesterday laa1, kam4 jat6 ge3
For example, if it was yesterday

gam2 go3 Dress ni1 go3 zi6 ne1
Then the word "Dress"

D-R-E-S-S ne1 jau5 ED ge3
"Dress" has an "ed"

gam2 so2 ji5 jau5 go3 T jam1 hai2 hau6 min6 ge3
So there is a T-sound at the end

gam2 daan6 hai6 ne1 dong1 sing4 geoi3 duk6 ge3 si4 hau6 ne1
But then if I say the whole sentence

go3 T jam1 wui5 bin3 zo2 hai6 S tung4 maai4 hau6 min6 go3
The T-sound turns out to be between the S and

Woman...go2 go3 Like cin4 min6 go3 L jam1 zi1 gaan1
The L-sound in front of "Woman"... "Like"

gam2 so2 ji5 ne1 wai6 min5 ma4 faan4
So therefore to save the trouble

我哋都會唔讀個T音, 就噉
ngo5 dei6 dou1 wui5 m4 duk6 go3 T jam1, zau6 gam2
We won't pronounce the T-sound. It is...

He dressed like a woman

OK? He dressed like a woman

噉, 就係噉
gam2, zau6 hai6 gam2
Then, that is it.

go3 T jam1 dou1 hai6 m4 duk6 ceot1 lei4
We won't pronounce the T-sound

好! 就講住咁多先
hou2! zau6 gong2 zyu6 gam3 do1 sin1
Good, that is it.

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February 8, 2008

Vivek Mahbubani

I recently came cross this YouTube clip. Vivek is a young Indian raised up in Hong Kong, and he speaks native Cantonese. The following clip contains one of his jokes from the same performance.

Listening to stand-up comedies in a foreign language is always challenging. The performers usually speak very fast, use a lot of slangs, and touch on many culture-specific aspects. Intermediate learners may want to try this slowed-down version.


Vivek's rendering of the Hong Kong English accent was perfect. Here is his other performance using his normal English. I wonder how he learned his English. There is no trace of any Indian accent at all.

Transcript / Jyutping / Translation

(English) Oral呢喺會考呢
(English) Oral ne1 hai2 wui6 haau2 ne1
In the HKCEE (English) Oral

hai6 sei3 go3 jan4 zo5 maai4 jat1 cai4
There would be 4 people sitting together (in a group)

hou2 do1 jan4 jat1 go3 Topic
Several people, one topic

gam2 jiu3 wu6 soeng1 man6 daap3 gam2 joeng6 gaa1 maa3
Then we have to ask each other questions

gam2 nei5 man6 man6 tai4 jiu3 cing1 fu1 jan4
So when you ask question, you would address the person

jiu3 keoi5 jau5 go3 Label
He must have a label

zik1 hai6 hou2 ci5 gam2 joeng6 joeng6
Like this one

jat1 go3 Label
A label

jat1 go3 gam2 joeng6 ge3 Label nei5 jiu3 cing1 fu1 jan4
A label like this one, and you would address the person

man6 man6 tai4 (...) Mister mat1 mat1 gam2 joeng6 gaa1 maa3
Ask the question (...), Mister blah blah ...

gam2 zo5 hai2 ngo5 deoi3 min6 go2 go3 zau6 hai2 dou6 man6 man6 tai4
Then the one sitting opposite to me was asking

Oh yeah, that's a good point

Do you have any comment, Mister...

Mister Mah...萬寶路
Mister Mah ... maan6 bou2 lou6
Mister Mah ..., Marlboro

gam2 ngo5 jau6 seoi1 laa1
Then I was being mean

ngo5 mong6 zyu6 keoi5 waa6
I looked at him and said

Actually, if we get some government funding,

We could perhaps make the budget really well,

Which when you think about it. What do you think?

go2 jat1 haak1 hou2 ming4 hin2 hai6 jyun4 cyun4 m4 zi1 ngo5 gong2 mat1
Then at that moment, obviously he could not understand what I said at all

gam2 keoi5 zau6 wai4 jau5 gong2 jat1 geoi3
So he could only say a phrase

我唸全部考親會考English Oral一定會講嘅嘢
ngo5 nam2 cyun4 bou6 haau2 can1 wui6 haau2 English Oral jat1 ding6 wui5 gong2 ge3 je5
Which I think everyone who takes the HKCEE English Oral exam must have used

Yes, I agree with you.

Thank you.

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January 31, 2008

Wendy Vo

Wendy Vo is an 8-year-old Vietnamese girl who can speak multiple languages. She has demonstrated her ability in a couple of video clips posted on YouTube. I have clipped out part of her Cantonese conversation from this video clip, between 2:16 and 3:18. The conversation is trivial and should be a good material for novice learners.

Please take note that both speakers have slight accents.



Transcript / Jyutping / Translation

nei5(jau5)gei2 zi2 mui6 aa3?
How many sisters do you have?

ngo5 jau5 jat1 go3 dai4 dai2 aa3
I have one (younger) brother

哦, 淨係有一個弟弟架咋
o6, zing6 hai6 jau5 jat1 go3 dai4 dai2 gaa3 zaa4
I see, only one (younger) brother

nei5 maa4 maa1 hai6 zou6 mat1 je5 gaa3?
What does your mother do?

ngo5 maa4 maa1 bong1 ngo5 go3 baa4 baa1
My mother is helping my father

哦. 你鐘唔鐘意食中國餐呀?
o6. nei5 zung1 m4 zung1 ji3 sik6 zung1 gwok3 caan1 aa3?
I see. Do you like to eat Chinese food?

m4 zung1 ji3
I don't like it

唔鐘意? 噉你點解又會天天食嘢呀?
m4 zung1 ji3? gam2 nei5 dim2 gaai2 jau6 wui5 tin1 tin1 sik6 je5 aa3?
You don't like it? Then why do you eat everyday?


zung1 m4 zung1 ji3 aa3?
Do you like it?

m4 zung1 ji3
I don't like it

哎吔, 唔鐘意
aai3 jaa5, m4 zung1 ji3
Oh (no), you don't like it.

你幾多歲呀? 你幾歲呀?
nei5 gei2 do1 seoi3 aa3? nei5 gei2 seoi3 aa3?
How old are you? How old are you?

ngo5 baat3 seoi3 laa3
I am 8.

nei5 hok6 zung1 man2 jau5 gei2 noi6 aa3?
How long have you been learning Chinese?

ngo5 hok6...
I learn...

hok6 zo2 gei2 do1 nin4 ne1?
How many years have you learned?

luk6 nin4
6 years

luk6 nin4 jik1 (waak6) hai6 ng5 nin4 aa3?
6 years or 5 years?

m4 hai6 aa3

nei5 waa6 nei5 saam1 seoi3 hoi1 ci2 hok6 gaa1 ma3
You said you started learning at 3

hai6 aa3

但係你而家先得八歲, 邊有六年呀?
daan6 hai6 nei5 ji4 gaa1 sin1 dak1 baat3 seoi3, bin1 jau5 luk6 nin4 aa3?
But you are only 8, how come 6 years?

等陣... 啊! 係啊, 係五年呀!
dang2 zan6... aa3! hai6 aa3, hai6 ng5 nin4 aa3!
Wait... Oh, yes, 5 years!

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January 25, 2008

Be My Guest - Gigi Leung (Part 1-4)

This part runs from 2:19 to 3:12 of the video clip.

Transcript / Jyutping / Translation

陳志雲: 你係咪好細個已經長得好高架
nei5 hai6 mai6 hou2 sai3 go3 ji5 ging1 zoeng2 dak1 hou2 gou1 gaa3
Were you very tall when you were very young?

Gigi: 都幾細個. 我比同年紀嘅同學仔高好多囉...係呀
dou1 gei2 sai3 go3. ngo5 bei2 tung4 nin4 gei2 ge3 tung4 hok6 zai2 gou1 hou2 do1 lo1 ... hai6 aa3
Quite tall. I was taller then my schoolmates at the same age. Yes.

Gigi: 因為佢哋...我爹哋媽咪高
jan1 wai6 keoi5 dei6 ... ngo5 de1 di4 maa1 mi4 gou1
Because they ... my father and mother are tall

陳志雲: 兩個都咁高?
loeng5 go3 dou1 gam3 gou1
Both of them are tall?

Gigi: 我媽咪...我媽咪矮我兩吋
ngo5 ma1 mi4 ... ngo5 ma1 mi4 ai2 ngo5 loeng5 cyun3
My mother ... my mother is 2 inches shorter than me

Gigi: 我爹哋高過我
ngo5 de1 di4 gou1 gwo3 ngo5
My father is taller than me

Gigi: 噉所以我哋細細個已經係
gam2 so2 ji5 ngo5 dei6 sai3 sai3 go3 ji5 ging1 hai6
That's why when we were young

Gigi: 排隊就一定係...嘩...排到最後呀
paai4 deoi6 zau6 jat1 ding6 hai6 ... waa3 ... paai4 dou3 zeoi3 hau6 aa3
when we line up ... wow ... we were at the very back

Gigi: 座班房一定係座最尾嗰個呀
co5 baan1 fong2 jat1 ding6 hai6 co5 zeoi3 mei5 go2 go3 aa3
We had to sit at the back of the classroom

陳志雲: 有冇心靈上受到啲創傷, 好似畀人歧視噉樣?
jau5 mou5 sam1 ling4 soeng6 sau6 dou3 di1 cong3 soeng1, hou2 ci5 bei2 jan4 kei4 si6 gam2 joeng6
Any hard-feeling, like being discriminated?

Gigi: 有呀...有呀...有
jau5 aa3 ... jau5 aa3 ... jau5
Yes, yes, yes.

Gigi: 哎, 我覺得...細個呢係覺得唔想自己咁高囉...我覺得
aai1, ngo5 gok3 dak1 ... sai3 go3 ne1 hai6 gok3 dak1 m4 soeng2 zi6 gei2 gam3 gou1 lo1 ... ngo5 gok3 dak1
(sign), I feel that ... when I was young, i didn't want to be that tall ... I feel that

陳志雲: 點樣呢? 受過啲咩嘢創傷, 畀人哋蹊落過呢, 細個因為高?
dim2 joeng6 ne1? sau6 gwo3 di1 me1 je5 cong3 soeng1, bei2 jan4 dei6 hai4 lok6 gwo3 ne1, sai3 go3 jan1 wai6 gou1?
How so? Any bad experience, being laughed at, because you were tall?

陳志雲: 畀你一路食一路諗吓
bei2 nei5 jat1 lou6 sik6 jat1 lou6 nam2 haa5
I'll let you to eat and think at the same time.

Gigi: 好, 好
hou2, hou2
Good, good.

陳志雲: 呢個係意式嘅生牛肉他他伴巴馬臣芝士
ne1 go3 hai6 ji3 sik1 ge3 saang1 ngau4 juk6 ta1 ta1 bun6 ba1 ma5 san4 zi1 si6
This is Italian-style fresh beef with chess.

陳志雲: 呢個係意式嘅蔬菜沙律
ne1 go3 hai6 ji3 sik1 ge3 so1 coi3 sa1 leot6
This is Italian-style veterinarian salad.

Gigi: 嘩! 呢個係生牛肉來嘅
waa3! ne1 go3 hai6 saang1 ngau4 juk6 lei4 ge3
Wow! This is fresh beef.

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January 17, 2008

Be My Guest - Gigi Leung (Part 1-3)

This part runs from 1:19 to 2:19 of the video clip. It talks about Gigi's original Chinese name and her current name. Note how we typically reference a Chinese word. For example, 「芝」係「芝士」個「芝」.

You may also try to listen to the rest of the clip to see how much more you can understand.

Transcript / Jyutping / Translation

陳志雲: 你嘅原名係叫做「梁碧枝」
nei5 ge3 jyun4 meng2 hai6 giu3 zou6 loeng4 bik1 zi1
Your original name is "loeng4 bik1 zi1"

陳志雲: 「碧」呢就係「碧玉」個「碧」
bik1 ne1 zau6 hai6 bik1 juk6 go3 bik1
"bik1" as in "jasper"?

Gigi: 「碧玉」個「碧」
bik1 juk6 go3 bik1
"bik1" as in "jasper"

陳志雲: 「芝」係「芝士」個「芝」
zi1 hai6 zi1 si6 go3 zi1
"zi1" as in "cheese"

Gigi: 唔係...唔係...係
m4 hai6 ... m4 hai6 ... hai6
No ... no ... it is

Gigi: 呀, 兩個都有寫過. 我有時...
aa3, loeng5 go3 dou1 jau5 se2 gwo3. ngo5 jau5 si4 ...
Ah, I have used both, sometimes I ...

陳志雲: 噉正確應該係邊個?
gam2 zing3 kok3 jing1 goi1 hai6 bin1 go3
Then which one is correct?

Gigi: 因為我有時會用...即係唔洗寫咁多劃
jan1 wai6 ngo5 jau5 si4 wui5 jung6 ... zik1 hai6 m4 sai2 se2 gam3 do1 waak6
Because sometimes I would use ... to save some strokes

Gigi: 我就用「芝士」個「芝」
ngo5 zau6 jung6 zi1 si6 go3 zi1
I would use the "zi1" as in "cheese"

Gigi: 但係應該呢係...「芝」係應該「黎姿」個「姿」...「姿色」個「姿」
daan6 hai6 jing1 goi1 ne1 hai6 ... zi1 hai6 jing1 goi1 lai4 zi1 go3 zi1 ... zi1 sik1 go3 zi1
But it should be ... "zi1" as in "Gigi Lai"

陳志雲: 即係「姿態」個「姿」
zik1 hai6 zi1 taai3 go3 zi1
So "zi1" in "posture"

Gigi: 係喇, 係喇
hai6 laa3, hai6 laa3
Right, right.

Gigi: 噉但係我就好細個改咗名喇...係呀
gam2 daan6 hai6 ngo5 zau6 hou2 sai3 go3 goi2 zo2 meng2 laa3 ... hai6 aa3
But then I changed my name when I was very young. Yes.

Gigi: 七歲八歲嗰陣時改咗名, 就叫咗做「梁詠琪」
cat1 seoi3 baat3 seoi3 go2 zan6 si4 goi2 zo2 meng2, zau6 giu3 zo2 zou6 loeng4 wing6 kei4
Around 7 or 8-years old, I changed it to "loeng4 wing6 kei4"

陳志雲: 點解會改名呢? 點解要改「詠琪」?
dim2 gaai2 wui5 goi2 meng2 ne1? dim2 gaai2 jiu3 goi2 wing6 kei4?
Why would you change your name? Why changed it to "wing6 kei4"?

Gigi: 因為身體好差. 係呀
jan1 wai6 san1 tai2 hou2 caa1. hai6 aa3
Because I was very weak. Yes.

Gigi: 我細個時候係爭啲哮喘囉
ngo5 sai3 go3 si4 hau6 hai6 zaang1 di1 haau1 cyun2 lo1
When I was small, I nearly got an asthma attack.

Gigi: 我就有枝氣管炎. 枝(枝)氣管炎同埋氣管敏感
ngo5 zau6 jau5 zi1 hei3 gun2 jim4. zi1 (zi1) hei3 gun2 jim4 tung4 maai4 hei3 gun2 man5 gam2
I had Bronchitis. Bronchitis and respiratory allergy.

Gigi: 噉我就成日都咳
gam2 ngo5 zau6 sing4 jat6 dou1 kat1
So I always coughed.

Gigi: 我係連續年幾兩年都會咳架
ngo5 hai6 lin4 zuk6 nin4 gei2 loeng5 nin4 dou1 wui5 kat1 gaa3
I was continouly coughing for a year or two.

Gigi: 我細佬重慘
ngo5 sai3 lou2 zung6 caam2
My brother was even worse.

Gigi: 我細佬...我同我細佬孖生家嘛
ngo5 sai3 lou2 ... ngo5 tung4 ngo5 sai3 lou2 maa1 saang1 gaa1 maa3
My brother ... I and my brother are twins.

Gigi: 佢就有鼻竇炎囉
keoi5 zau6 jau5 bei6 dau6 jim4 lo1
He had Sinusitis.

Gigi: 噉我哋其實呢一...呢一度都係...即係比較差啲囉...係呀
gam2 ngo5 dei6 kei4 sat6 ni1 jat1 ... ni1 jat1 dou6 dou1 hai6 ... zik1 hai6 bei2 gaau3 caa1 di1 lo1 ... hai6 aa3
So both of us had weaknesses around this area. Yes.

Gigi: 所以就改名, 但係改咗我都覺得係好差
so2 ji5 zau6 goi2 meng2, daan6 hai6 goi2 zo2 ngo5 dou1 gok3 dak1 hai6 hou2 caa1
So I changed my name. But I still found myself weak after changing it.

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January 10, 2008

Be My Guest - Gigi Leung (Part 1-2)

This part runs from 0:45 to 1:18 of the video clip.

Transcript / Jyutping / Translation

陳志雲: 飲杯先
jam2 bui1 sin1
Cheers (first)

Gigi: 好

陳志雲: 你鍾意飲香賓
nei5 zung1 ji3 jam2 hoeng1 ban1
You like champaign

Gigi: 係呀
hai6 aa1

陳志雲: 香賓好容易醉個喎
hoeng1 ban1 hou2 jung4 ji6 zeoi3 go3 wo3
Champaign can easily get you drunk

Gigi: 噉我唔會飲太多嘅, 一杯囉
gam2 ngo5 m4 di1 jam2 taai3 do1 ge3, jat1 bui1 lo1
Then I won't drink too much, one glass

陳志雲: 一杯就冇事嘅
jat1 bui1 zau6 mou5 si6 ge3
No problem with one glass

Gigi: 一杯兩杯啦
jat1 bui1 loeng5 bui1 laa1
One or two glasses

陳志雲: 噉我要肯定你飲多過兩杯先得
gam2 ngo5 jiu3 hang2 ding6 nei5 jam2 do1 gwo3 loeng5 bui1 sin1 dak1
Then I will make sure you drink more than two glasses

Gigi: 哎吔, 唔好啦! 醉咗唔知咩事
aai1 ja1, m4 hou2 laa1! zeoi3 zo2 m4 zi1 me1 si6
Oh, don't! I don't know what happens after getting drunk

陳志雲: 醉咗就好囉, 多啲嘢傾
zeoi3 zo2 zau6 hou2 lo1, do1 di1 je5 king1
Being drunk is good. More thinks to taking about

Gigi: 不過我好少醉架
bat1 gwo3 ngo5 hou2 siu2 zeoi3 gaa3
But then I rarely get drunk

陳志雲: 點解呢?
dim2 gaai2 ne1?

Gigi: 因為我會...唔知呀
jan1 wai6 ngo5 wui5 ... m4 zi1 aa3
Because I ... not sure

Gigi: 我覺得酒其實喺愛來令到自己輕鬆啲架咋
ngo5 gok3 dak1 zau2 kei4 sat6 hai2 oi3 lei4 ling6 dou3 zi6 gei2 hing1 sung1 di1 gaa3 zaa3
I think alcohol is to make myself relaxed

Gigi: 即係不至於飲到真係飲醉囉...係呀
zik1 hai6 bat1 zi3 jyu1 jam2 dou3 zan1 hai6 jam2 zeoi3 lo1 ... hai6 aa3
It doesn't need to get me drunk ... yes

陳志雲: 要放鬆一吓
jiu3 fong3 sung1 jat1 haak3
To relax a bit

Gigi: 放鬆啲啫
fong3 sung1 di1 ze1
To relax

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January 9, 2008

Cantophilia Discussions

Cantophilia is now integrated with Disqus. This means the comments are now externalized and laid out in the form of discussion threads. I hope this will facilitate more in-depth discussions from the readers.

I believe learners can make drastic improvement by actively participating in discussions on the language they are learning. So I encourage you to post any question you have encountered on the material in each post.

All comments in the past posts are unchanged.

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January 3, 2008

Be My Guest - Gigi Leung (Part 1-1)

The guest of this episode of "Be My Guest" is Gigi Leung. This part runs from the beginning to 0:45 of the video clip.

Transcript / Jyutping / Translation

gam1 jat6 tung4 ngo5 gung6 zeon3 faan6 guk6 ge3 pang4 jau5
Today, the friend who is going to dine with me

hai6 GiGi loeng4 wing6 kei4
Is Gigi Leung Wing-Kei

Gigi zi6 ceot1 dou6 ji5 lei4
Gigi, since the beginning of her career

hai2 go1 coeng3 tung4 din6 jing2 si6 jip6
both in singing and acting

dou1 dak1 dou3 maan6 cin1 cung2 hang6
Has been loved by many

noi6 ho4 tung4 zeng6 ji1 gin6 ge3 jat1 dyun6 gam2 cing4
Sadly her love affair with Ekin Cheng

ling6 keoi5 ge3 si6 jip6 tung4 jing4 zoeng6
Has done a lot of damage to her career and image

jat1 dou6 dit3 jap6 guk1 dai2
Once fell into the bottom of the valley

ngoi6 gaan1 jing4 jung4 Gigi hai6 dai6 saam3 ze2 tung4 hou3 sing3
Other people describes Gigi as the "third person" and "wanting to win"

cat1 nin4 ge3 gam2 cing4
7 years in love

bui3 fu6 zyu6 gei2 do1 fu2 jyu5 lok6?
Carrying how much bitterness and happiness?

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