December 5, 2007

Stephen Chow's Joke

Here is Stephen Chow (周星馳) telling a joke. The Cantonese you will hear is quite colloquial.

Transcript / Jyutping / Translation

gam2 jau5 go3 pang4 jau5 ne1 gin3 dou2 ling6 ngoi6 jat1 go3 pang4 jau5
There is a friend who sees another friend

gam2 ling6 ngoi6 jat1 go3 pang4 jau5 ne1 zau6 mun6 mun6 bat1 lok6 gam2 joeng2 joeng2
This other friend looks troublesome

gam2 go2 go3 pang4 jau5 zau6 man6 ling6 ngoi6 jat1 go3 pang4 jau5 waa6
So the friend asks this other friend, saying

wai3,zou6 me1 je5 ze1 nei5 mun6 mun6 bat1 lok6?
Hei, why are you look so troublesome?

gam2 ling6 ngoi6 go3 pang4 jau5 zau6 gong2 waa6
Then the other friend says

haai1, ngo5 tung4 ngo5 lou5 po4 aai3 gaau1
(sigh) I and my wife had a quarrel

gam2 ngo5 lou5 po4 ne1 zau6 waa6
And my wife said

ji4 ga1 jiu3 jat1 go3 lai5 baai3 m4 tung4 ngo5 king1 gai2 gam2
She won't be talking to me for a week

gam2 ling6 ngoi6 jat1 go3 pang4 jau5 ne1 zau6 waa6
Then the other friend says

gam2 mai6 hou2 lo1, gam2 nei5 dou1 lok6 dak1 ji5 gan1 cing1 zing6 laa1 gam2
Then this is good. You will have some quiet time

gam2 go2 go3 pang4 jau5 waa6
Then the other friend says

haai1, ji4 ga1 ji5 ging1 hai6 jat1 go3 lai5 baai3 ge3 zeoi3 hau6 jat1 jat6 laa1
(sigh), today is the last day of the week

gam2 gong2
That's it

m4 gwaan1 ngo5 si6 gaa3, lei5 lik6 ci4 waa6 hou2 siu3
Not my fault. Lee Lik-Chi said it was funny

giu3 ngo5 gong2 gaa3 zaa3, daai6 lou2!
And asked me to tell it, man!


Anonymous said...

A good one for listening practice. I could follow the written (jyutping) version quite easily, just needing to look at the translation for a couple of words. The first listen went by in a blur unfortunately, I could hardly catch a thing. Oh well, 20 more listens should take care of that :-)

Thanks Edwin

Edwin said...

Yeah, the key is to listen to it repeatedly. If you like it, you should not get bored.

You may want to repeat some simple phrases too.

nmurray said...

Great stuff. I'm going to learn this joke and try it out on my friends when I next go to Hong Kong.

Excellent learning resources you're providing here Edwin. Thanks for that.

Regards, Neil

Edwin said...

You are very welcome.

The last 2 lines of the joke are optional though. :)

dada said...

>> 咁有個朋友呢見倒另外一個朋友
咁is gam3, means "so" (so good). All gam2 should be 噉.

>> 見倒 should be 見到

>> 咁樣
樣 is normally joeng6, but should be changed to joeng2 here. So it is 噉樣 gam2 joeng2.

>> 耳筋清靜
筋 is a tendon, should be the root 根 : 耳根清靜

Edwin said...

Thanks, dada. Updated.

Anonymous said...

I can follow most of it through by ear except for 悶悶不樂 and 李力chee