December 4, 2007

Naive and Superficial

Here is an exchange between Mr Tung and Mr Sze-To during a council meeting, which has later become a classic.

Transcript / Jyutping / Translation

ngo5 m4 zi1 hai6 nei5 ge3 zung1 man2 hou2 gwo3 ngo5 ne1
I don't know if you are better than me in Chinese

ding6 hai6 ngo5 jing1 man2 hou2 gwo3 nei5
Or I am better than you in English

Naive tung4 maai4 fu1 cin2 m4 hai6 soeng1 tung4 go3 wo3
'Naive' and 'superficial' are not the same

gaa2 jyu4 m4 jat1 joeng6 ge3, nei5 mai6 gaau3 haa5 ngo5 lo1
If they are not the same, please teach me

gam2 joeng2 aa3, ngo5 hai6 mai6 syun3 dak1 hou2 fu1 cin2 ne1, jan1 wai6 m4 sik1 dak1 keoi5 leoi5 min6 ge3 fan1 bit6?
If so, am I too superficial because I don't know how to tell the difference?

nei5 gaau3 jat1 gaau3 ngo5 dim2 joeng2 sin1 zi3 wui5 m4 fu1 cin2 ne1?
Would you please teach me how not to be 'superficial'?

gaau3 nei5 zau6 m4 gam2 dong1
I am not in the position to teach you

jat1 go3 tin1 zan1 ge3 jan4 ne1 zau6 hou2 Naive
A person who is 'naive' is very naive

jat1 go3 fu1 cin2 ge3 jan4 ne1 zau6 hou2 fu1 cin2
A person who is 'superficial' is very superficial

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marcelobrasill said...

Hi Edwin,
Haha...that was funny as hell! But I didn't get what that council meeting was about. I've heard that there's a catchphrase from Tung Chee Waa's wife that became very popular in Hong Kong.I think it was something like :" 你成日都 complain,complain,complain!" Do you know if there's a video of this ?

Edwin said...

I guess it must be in this video somewhere:

dada said...

>> 教你就唔噉當
Should be 唔敢當

Edwin said...

Thanks, dada. Updated.