December 11, 2007

Digital Life

Learning numbers does not have to be boring. In fact, it could be quite fun if you learn them through this song.

The song "Digital Life" (數字人生) sung by George Lam (林子祥) was a classic hit in the 80's. Learn to sing the first few lines now and impress your Cantonese buddies!

You may of course recognize part of the song comes from a Bach's piece.

Lyrics / Jyutping / Translation

saam1 ling4 luk6 ji6 sei3 cat1 ling4 ling4

saam1 ling4 luk6 ji6 sei3 cat1 cat1 ling4

534202 13942
ng5 saam1 sei3 ji6 ling4 ji6 jat1 saam1 gau2 sei3 ji6

sei3 saam1 jat1 sei3 ling4 luk6 ji6 sei3


tin4 mun5 jat1 sang1 cyun4 si6 sou3 zi6
Filling up our lives are all numbers

seoi4 wui5 zan1 zing3 zi1 si6 ho4 jung6 ji3
Who would know what it really means

faan4 nou5 jat1 sang1 cyun4 wai6 sou3 zi6
Troubling our lives all because of numbers

jyun4 mun5 dik1 zoeng2 aak1 man6 seoi4 ho2 ji5
Who can handle them completely

ming4 ming4 paau4 zing3 ji6 saam1 wai6 ho4 daan6 ceot1 sei3 jat1
Clearly shot for 2-3, why did it come out as 4-1 (horse-racing)

seoi4 jan4 nang4 gau3 jyu6 zi1
Who could predict

sei3 dim2 saam1 sei3 gaa3 wai2 bou6 sing1 bin3 zo2 jat1 ling4 ling4 sei3
The price at 4.23 surged and became 1004 (stock market)

pang4 hou6 ma5 loi4 jing6 sik1
You are known by the numbers

你的IQ 你的身家
nei5 dik1 IQ nei5 dik1 san1 gaa1
Your IQ, your wealth

你的體魄 你的一切
nei5 dik1 tai2 paak3 nei5 dik1 jat1 cai3
Your health, your everything

人與數字 有許多怪事
jan4 jyu5 sou3 zi6 jau5 heoi2 do1 gwaai3 si6
Man and numbers, many strange things can happen between them

hon3 hon3 gai3 sou3 gei1 leoi5 jau1 gam3 gei2 do1 jan4 zi3
Look at how many hostages are trapped in the calculators

0434 0434 0232 0232
ling4 sei3 saam1 sei3 (x2) ling4 ji6 saam1 ji6 (x2)

0646 0646 0878 0878
ling4 luk6 sei3 luk6 (x2) ling4 baat3 cat1 baat3 (x2)

0515 0515 0242 0242
ling4 ng5 jat1 ng5 (x2) ling4 ji6 sei3 ji6 (x2)

0696 0696 0272 0272
ling4 luk6 gau2 luk6 (x2) ling4 ji6 cat1 ji6 (x2)


saam1 ling4 luk6 ji6 sei3 cat1 ling4 ling4

saam1 ling4 luk6 ji6 sei3 cat1 cat1 ling4

534202 13942
ng5 saam1 sei3 ji6 ling4 ji6 jat1 saam1 gau2 sei3 saam1

jat1 saam1 sei3 ji6 sei3


nmurray said...

What a bouncy song. I love it. And every word clearly sung by Lam. I'll try and learn to sing this one. It would be a great party piece or karaoke.

Thanks Edwin


Edwin said...

My pleasure.

See if you can do the fast part towards the end. You will sound even more impressive. :)

Raymond said...

I thought it was Bach's piece. The English lyrics goes like:
Friends they are always there for you, they give you stength when you are blue, ...

Edwin said...

I think you are right. I got it mixed up with the Minuet Mozart wrote when he was six. Let me correct the text. Thanks.

nmurray said...


You've classified Digital Life as advanced. I think it could be intermediate, if not novice.

For me, a novice, the difficulty is in the speed of the song rather than the words. I've been practising and can sing the first part. I've almost got the fast double-up number part toward the end as well. I'm finding "ling ng jat ng" very hard to sing as fast as he does. I also get out of breath towards the end. There's no time to suck in air.

Because it's mainly numbers, and these are usually acquired early in the learning process, I think digital life is a good one for novices.

Kind regards,

Edwin said...

Neil, you could be right. I have changed the level. I was thinking that the Standard Chinese used in the song could be difficult. Apparently it is not.

Congratulations on your progress! Perhaps you can recording your singing and post it up on YouTube. Some people got famous by doing this!