December 24, 2007

Christmas Greetings

You can find 64 TVB artists saying their Christmas Greetings here. The corresponding YouTube versions can be found here: Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3.

The following is the transcription for the first 2 greetings, by Macy Chan (陳美詩) and Moses Chan (陳豪). Intermediate and advanced learners, try to listen to the rest and see how much you can understand. As one would expect, season greetings are more-or-less the same.

For those who might be confused, Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, not Santa Claus. Out of the 64 artists, Macy seems to be the only one who gets it.

Merry Christmas!!



Transcript (Transliteration) / Jyutping / Translation

哈佬(Hello), 大家(Everyone)(Good)
haa1 lou2, daai6 gaa1 hou2
Hello everyone

(I) (Am) Macy 陳(Chan) 美詩(Macy)
ngo5 hai6 Macy can4 mei5 si1
I am Macy Chan

噉 聖(Holy) (Birth) (Festival) 就來(Soon) (Arrive)
gam2 sing3 daan3 zit3 zau6 lei4 dou3 laa1
Christmas is coming

噉 聖(Holy) (Birth) (Festival) 就係(Is) 耶穌(Jesus) 誕生(To Be Born) ('s) 日子(Day)
gam2 sing3 daan3 zit3 zau6 hai6 je4 sou1 daan3 saang1 ge3 jat6 zi2
Christmas is the day Christ is born

噉 唔(Not) (Know) (You) (Will) 唔會(Will not) (Go) (Preach) (Good) (Sound) 呢?
gam2 m4 zi1 nei5 wui5 m4 wui5 heoi3 bou3 gaai1 jam1 ne1
Not sure if you would go to any Carol Service?

無論(no matter)(How) (Also) (Good)
mou4 leon6 dim2 dou1 hou2
In any case (No matter what)

(Also) (Wish) (You) (Holy) (Birth) 快樂(Happy)
dou1 zuk1 nei5 sing3 daan3 faai3 lok6 laa1
I wish you a happy Christmas

Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!

(I) (In) (希望(Hope)) Christmas 祝(wish) 大家(Everyone) (Have) 一個(One)
ngo5 hai2 hei1 mong6 Christmas zuk1 daai6 gaa1 jau5 jat1 go3
In Christmas, I wish that everyone would have a

(Very) 溫馨(Warm), 好(Very) 開心(Happy)
hou2 wan1 hing1, hou2 hoi1 sam1
a very warm, very happy

(Have) (a) (Very) Warm 嘅('s) 一個(One)
jau5 go3 hou2 Warm ge3 jat1 go3
a very warm

(一個(One)) Christmas 啦
jat1 go3 Christmas laa1

Useful Vocabulary
聖誕節 (sing3 daan3 zit3) - Christmas
聖誕快樂 (sing3 daan3 faai3 lok6) - Merry/Happy Christmas
耶穌 (je4 sou1) - Jesus
祝你 (zuk1 nei5) - Wish you ...
祝大家 (zuk1 daai6 gaa1) - Wish everyone ...
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Anonymous said...

I honestly think Macy talked fast when saying 噉聖誕節就係耶穌誕生嘅日子 and 無論.