December 31, 2007

Be My Guest

"Be My Guest" (志雲飯局) is a TV show hosted by Stephen Chan (陳志雲), the General Manager of TVB. In each episode, he would invite and interview a prominent artist in the HK entertainment industry. The show has become a hit since its launch in the summer of 2006.

I find interview conversations good materials for language learners, as they usually contains vocabulary and sentences describing personal issues and facts. "Be My Guest" turns out to be a very good resource, as Stephen talks slowly and clearly. As the result, his guest tends to follow the same pace.

Here is the transcript of the introduction of the show. You can find it at the beginning of the following video clip. In future posts, I will pick some interviews and provide transcriptions for them.

Transcript / Jyutping / Translation

gaa2 jyu4 jan4 sang1 hai6 jat1 coeng4 faan6 guk6
If life is a (formal) meal

約咩人 點咩菜
joek3 me1 jan4 dim2 me1 coi3
Whom to invite, what course to order

由我發板 由我策劃
jau4 ngo5 faat3 baan2 jau4 ngo5 caak3 waak6
Are decided by me, planned by me

ngo5 jat1 ding6 wui5 hou2 gaan2 zaak6
I would be very picky

ceoi4 zo2 mun5 zuk1 hau2 fuk1 zi1 juk6
Not only to satisfy the stomach

nang4 gau3 tin1 naam4 dei6 baak1
But to be able to talk about everything

gaap3 zaap6 tim4 syun1 fu2 lat6
To mix things that are sweet, sour, bitter, and spicy

有交流 有感動
jau5 gaau1 lau4 jau5 gam2 dung6
To have sharing, to have emotion

sin1 zi3 hai6 ling6 jan4 jat1 zoi3 wui4 mei6 ge3 faan6 guk6
This is a meal that one would recall over and over again

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Raymond said...

It should be 口腹之慾 not 口福之慾.

Edwin said...

Thanks. Corrected.