November 28, 2007

Weather Reports

Listening to weather reports could be boring. But there is one good thing for the learners. The vocabulary is small and after a while, you should be able to understand basically most of what is being said. You would also need to be good at numbers.

My all-time favourite catch-all phrase is: "Except for regional rain, it is going to be sunny".

Transcript / Jyutping / Translation

... 天氣情況
tin1 hei3 cing4 fong3
... the weather

tin1 man4 toi4 jyu6 caak1 gam1 jat6 hai6 tin1 cing4 gon1 zou3 ga3
The weather observatory forecasts today is going to be clear and dry

ceoi1 wo4 wun6 ge3 dung1 zi3 tung1 pak1 fung1
With mild east to north-east wind

lei4 ngon6 hoi2 wik6 fung1 sai3 gaan3 zung1 cing1 ging6
Offshore wind is sometimes strong

Zin2 mong6 sing1 kei4 jat6 daai6 zi3 tin1 cing4
Overall outlook of Sunday is clear

ceoi4 hou6 gei2 jat6 fung1 sai3 po2 daai6 tung4 maai4 jau5 jyu5 gaa3
There will be strong wing and rain in the following few days

ji4 gaa1 hai6 saam1 sap6 dou6, soeng1 deoi3 sap1 dou6 hai6 baak3 fan6 zi1 luk6 sap6 gau5
It 30 degree (Celsius) now. Relative humidity is 69%

san1 man4 si4 gaan3 gau3 laak3, baai1 baai3
Time is up for the news. Bye!

tai2 faan1 tin1 hei3 fong1 min6
Let's look at the weather

tin1 man4 toi4 jyu6 cak1 daai6 zi3 hai6 tin1 cing4 ge3
The weather observatory forecasts it's going to be clear overall

gam2 ting1 jat6 saau2 hau6 guk6 bou6 dei6 keoi1 jau5 zaau6 jyu5
Tomorrow there will be regional rain

hei3 wan1 hai6 gaai3 fu4 jaa6 luk6 zi3 dou3 saam1 sap6 jat1 dou6
The temperature is between 26 and 31 degree (Celsius)

ceoi1 wo4 wun6 zi3 cing1 ging6 ge3 dung1 zi3 dung1 baak1 fung1
With mild to strong east to north-east wind

saau2 hau6 lei4 ngon6 hoi2 wik6 gaan3 zung1 ceoi1 koeng4 fung1
Later, there will be occasional strong offshore wild

zin2 mong6 ceoi4 hau6 gei2 jat6 fung1 sai3 po2 daai6 tung4 maai4 jau5 jyu5
Outlook for the next few days, the wind will be quite strong and it will rain

ji4 gaa1 hai6 jaa6 gau2 dou6, soeng1 deoi3 sap1 dou6 hai6 baak3 fan6 zi1 cat1 sap6 jat1
It is 29 degree now, relative humidity is 71%

ngo5 dei6 tai2 haa5 fan1 keoi1 hei3 wan1 a1
Let's look at the regional temperature

ni1 jat1 zit3 san1 man4 dou3 ni1 jat1 dou6, zoi3 gin3
That's it for the news. Good-bye

Useful Vocabulary


Chris said...

you are right, I recorded some weather casts in Mandarin and went over them, they are good practice, helping with a few weather terms and numbers etc.

Having a translation is just perfect

dada said...

You have written 天晴 correctly, but there are typos 天情.

Edwin said...

Updated. Thanks, dada, for taking your time for proof-reading.