November 27, 2007

Rich Couple

This is a good one for tone-drilling. It contains all the 6 tones of Cantonese.

Transcript (Transliteration) / Jyutping / Translation

富(Rich) 夫(Husband) 婦(Wife) 扶(Carry) 父(Father) 赴(Attend) 苻(Fu) 府 (Home)
fu3 fu1 fu5 fu4 fu6 fu6 fu4 fu2
A rich couple carries their father to the Fu's.

A tip to practise this one is to divide the sentence into: 富夫婦, 扶父赴苻, and 府. Practise the first and second parts separately until you get them perfect. Then concatenate them together and add the last word at the end. Notice the second part is reflexive (fu4 fu6 fu6 fu4), so you just need to say 'fu4 fu6' then say it backward.

Variations of this tongue-twister include the followings:

  1. 富婦扶夫赴傅府
    fu3 fu5 fu4 fu1 fu6 fu6 fu2
    A rich woman carried her husband to the Fu's.
  2. 傅婦扶夫赴富府
    fu6 fu5 fu4 fu1 fu6 fu3 fu2
    Mrs Fu carried her husband to a rich home.