November 29, 2007

Gregory River

Gregory Rivers (河國榮 / ho4 gwok3 wing4) is a Hong Kong actor of Australian heritage. He is well-known to every Hong Kong household.

He moved to Hong Kong in 1987 before finishing his medicine degree at a university in Sydney, Australia. He has been a TVB actor for many year, playing practically every major role in TV dramas which requires a foreign look, such as missionary, French cook, and police department head.

Here is a YouTube video uploaded by Milan. Gregory's Cantonese can be considered as near-native.

Translation / Jyutping / Translation
(Thanks Tom for completing part of the Jyutping and translation)

haa1 lou2, ngo5 hai6 ho4 gwok3 wing4. ngo5 hai6 jat1 go3 ou3 zau1 "gwai2 lou2".
Hello, I am Gregory Rivers. I am an Austrilian "Gweilo".

hai2 hoeng1 gong2 ngo5 dei6 giu3 "gwai2 lou2", jau2 di1 jan4 m4 zung1 ji3 gong2, bat1 gwo3 ngo5 mou5 so2 wai6 ge3.
Here in Hong Kong, we are called ‘Gweilo’. Some don’t like it, but I am ok.

gam2 le1 ngo5 hai2 hoeng1 gong2 yi5 ging1 jau5 sap6 luk6 nin4.
I have lived in Hong Kong for 16 years.

ngo5 hai2 yat1 gau2 baat3 cat1 nin4 ng5 jyut6 saam1 sap6 yat1 hou6 dou3 hoeng1 gong2, gam2 le1 zau6 zyu6 dou3 yi4 gaa1.
I arrived in Hong Kong on 31 May 1987, and I have lived here ever since.

daai6 bou6 fan6 si4 gaan1*3 dou1 hai2 mou4 sin3 din6 si6 paak3 kek6 zaap6 le1,
Most of the time I’ve been acting in TVB drama series,

so2 ji5 ho2 lang4 jau5 hou2 do1 pang4 jau5 le1, dou1 wui6 zi1 dou3 ngo5 hai6 bin1 go3 le1, So I probably have many friends, who will know who I am,

sam3 zi3 jau5 di1 pang4 jau5 tung4 ngo5 gong2 waa6 “hai1, ngo5 hou2 sai3 go3 hou2 zung1 ji3 tai2 lei5 zou6 hei3 aa3″. Even to the point of saying to me “Hi, when I was a kid, I really liked to watch you acting!”

m6, ngo5 zi1 dou3 nin4 gei3 m4 sai3 ge3, bat1 gwo3 m4 gan2 jiu3 ge3 haa2.
Hmm, I know I’m not young but never mind.

kei4 sat6 le1 ngo5 hou2 zung1 ji3 zou6 hei3 laa3, jau6 zung1 ji3 coeng3 go1 laa1,
Actually I like to act and to sing,

gam2 hai2 hoeng1 gong2 ni1 loeng5 joeng6 je5 dou1 jau5 gei1 wui6 zou6 gaa3 laa1,
In Hong Kong I’ve had the opportunity to do both these different things, so I’m very happy.

jau4 kei4 jyu4 gwo2 hai6 hou2 ci5 “dang6 lai6 gwan1 mou5 toi4 kek6″ laa1, waak6 ze2 hai6 “soeng6 hoi2 zi1 je6 mou5 toi4 kek6″ laa1,
Especially if it is like “Teresa Teng stage play” or “Shanghai Blues” stage play,

dou1 hai6 jau5 dak1 zou6 gaa3 laa3, dou1 hai6 hoi1 sam1 ge3.
I’ve been able to do both and was very happy to do so.

gam2 le1 zau6 jau5 di1 din6 jing2 dou1 paak3 zo2 laa1: “biu2 ze2 nei5 hou2 je5″ laa1, “ngo5 si6 jat1 go3 caak6″ laa1, jau5 ling6 ngoi6 loeng5 saam1 go3 dou1 paak3 zo3. Then there are some movies I’ve acted in: “Her Fatal Ways”, “Legendary Couple” and two or three others.

gam2 gaan1*3 m4 zung1 wui5 bong1 jan4 pui3 jam1, zau6 hou2 ci5 wong4 man5 dak1.
Sometimes I’ll do a voiceover for someone, for example for (Michael) Wong Man Tak.

wong4 man5 dak1 hou2 leng3 zai2 laa1, bat1 gwo3 keoi5 jau5 si4 ni1 zau6 hou2 mong4 aa1, gam2 mei1 bong1 keoi5 pui3 faan1 jam1 aa1.
Wong Man Tak is very handsome, however sometimes he is very busy, thus has no time to do the voiceover, so I help to provide the voiceover.

waak6 ze2 gaan1*3 m4 zung1 ne1 zau6 bong1 jan4 pui3 faan1 gwok3 jyu5 jam1 aa1, jan1 wai6 jyu4 gwo2 jiu3 pui3 faan1 jat1 go3 gwai2 lou2 aa1, Sometimes I do voiceovers for people in mandarin, because if I need to dub a gwailo,

gam2 keoi5 jyun4 bun2 hai6 gong2 jing1 man4 ge3, waak6 ze2 gong2 gwong2 dung1 waa6*2 le1, gam2 zau6 bong1 keoi5 pui3 faan1 gwok3 jyu5 ge3. He originally spoke in english or cantonese, then I help to dub into mandarin.

gam2 le1 zeong1 loi4 ngo5 kei4 sat4 le1 jan1 wai4 ngo5 hai6 zung1 ji3 jam1 ngok6, jau6 zung1 ji3 zou6 hei3 le1, In the future, because I like music and acting,

so2 ji5 ngo5 dou1 hei1 mong6 le1, zau6 wui5 lei4 gan2 jau5 jat1 go3 jit6 ciu4 le1, zau6 hai6 go1 mou5 toi4 kek6 ge3. I hope it will be a hit, that is a musical.

mou4 leon6 hai6 mou5 toi4 soeng6 bin6 le1 waak6 je2 hai6 din6 jing2 leoi5 bin6, hou2 ci5 ngaam1 ngaam1 ceot1 zo2 “zi1 gaa1 go1″ ni1 go3 din6 jing2 ge3, Whether it is on a stage or in a movie, like the recently released “Chicago”,

ngo5 dou1 hei1 mong6 jyut6 lai4 jyut6 do1 ni1 di1 je5 le1.
I also hope there are more and more of these things.

gam2 hei1 mong6 ngo5 zi6 gei2 dou1 hai6 jau5 gei1 wui6 caam1 jyu6 jin2 ceot1,
I hope I will get the opportunity myself to take part in a stage play,

jan1 wai6 loeng5 jeong6 je5, jam1 ngok6 tung4 maai4 zou6 hei3, tung4 maai4 jin6 coeng4 gun1 zung3, Because these different things, music and acting, and in front of an audience,

jyu4 gwo2 hai6 mou5 toi4 soeng6 bin6 le1, jin6 coeng4 gun1 zung3 dou1 jau5 le1, gam2 zau6 gang2 hai6 hou2 hoi1 sam. baai3*1 baai3! If it is on a stage, it has an audience, so then of course I’m very happy. Bye bye!


dada said...

鐘意﹐should be 鍾意。鐘 is bell/clock, 鍾 is concentrate (affection). There is the saying 一見鍾情, love at first sight.

Edwin said...

Updated. Thanks, dada, for taking your time for proof-reading.