November 21, 2007

The Entertainment Series

All of the people I know who have learnt Cantonese have one learning activity in common. They watch HK movies, TV series, and listen to HK-Pop extensively.

The HK entertainment industry have had its glorious days in the past. It has been going down-hill since the late 90's. Yet, it has helped a lot of Cantonese learners throughout the decades.

In this series, I am going to provide transcripts for video and audio clips from materials related to HK entertainment industry. I have graded this series as advanced, so I will not always provide Jyutping or translation. Readers are encouraged to do the exercise themselves. I hope this series will turn out to be more interesting than the materials found in the language text books.


Shaan said...

You are the man! Cantonese learners would benefit greatly from this.