November 15, 2007

Becoming a Cantophile

If you have come to this blog, chances are that you are interested in the Cantonese language, or you are interested in knowing more about the language. In other words, you are either a Cantophile, or on your way in becoming one.

I had never loved the Cantonese language in the past. I did not hate it, but I simply was not very fond of it. Still, it is my native-tongue.

It was some time towards the end of the year 2006 when I first visited the Cantonese language forums. There I met many people who were desperate learners of the language. They loved the language so much. They were no doubt 'Cantophiles'.

In the few months that followed, I hanged around in the forums and tried to help out in answering questions posted by the learners. I began to love the language more. I also began to cultivate the desire to promote the language.

It has been almost a year since I first thought about promoting the language. I have finally decided to start doing something now. I have created this blog.

It is therefore my sincere wish that the readers of this blog would start loving the Cantonese language. I hope they will become Cantophiles one day. If nothing else, this is going to be the ultimate purpose of this blog.


marcelobrasill said...

Hi Edwin!
This website is a terrific idea! It's good to see that there are more and more blogs about Cantonese out there.I'll be definitely visiting this site on a regular basis! One thing is funny though : I've had the very same idea about making transcripts of news reports.As a matter of fact,these past few days I've been looking up some TVB news videos on youtube, and choosing some of them to put on my blog.And by the way, I loved the tongue twister series.Keep up the good work!

Edwin said...

Hi Marcelo,
I have been thinking of doing transcripts for a long time. I tried it a few times, and they just took ages. For example, a 30-second clip could take me an hour!

Then I realized that the problem is me. I am not good at the stuff. I simply need more practise to speed things up.

Mandarin Diary said...

Hi Edwin,

I want to say your blog is really awesome. It's a great resource for learning Cantonese.

I look forward to more of your transcripts.

Keep up the great work!


Edwin said...

Thanks. I always wonder if there are Mandarin readers of my blog. Now I've found one!

Mandarin Diary said...

Well i'm not really 100% mandarin haha. Sorry i think you got tricked because my blog is in mandarin. I was brought up speaking cantonese at home. I still love cantonese and i tend to learn both chinese languages at the same time.

Well it was just lately that i've become interested in 正字. I think accurate pronunciation of tone is very important. I would hate to have bad pronunciation habits. So while i am still young i am on my quest to perfect pronunciation.