November 20, 2007

Batman Filming

This is taken from an RTHK news clip dated on 9 November 2007.


din6 jing2 pin1 fuk1 hap6 haak1 je6 zi1 san4 haa6 zau3 loeng2 dim2 gei2
The film "Batman - The Dark Knight" at around 2'o clock in the afternoon

hai2 zung1 waan4 baai2 fa1 gaai1 hang4 yan4 tin1 kiu4 paak3 sip3
Carried out its shooting on a pedestrian over-pass on Lyndhurst Terrance in Central.

san1 cyun1 sam1 laam4 sik1 sai1 zong1 ge3 zyu2 gok3 gei1 si1 deon6 bei2 ji5
Wearing a dark blue suit, the main character Christian Bale

hai2 hang4 yan4 tin1 kiu4 soeng6 baan6 jin2 jat1 ming4 jau4 haak3
Was on the over-pass, acting as a tourist

sau2 ci4 soeng2 gei1 paak3 sip3 zung1 waan4 gaai1 ging2
Holding a camera, shooting the street sceneries of Central.

koe2 hai2 tin1 kiu4 soeng6 min6 tong4 ling6 jat1 ming4 jin2 jyun4 mo1 gan1 fai3 maan4 gau1 taam4
He talked with another actor Morgan Freeman on the bridge.

loeng5 jan4 zi1 hau6 fan1 tau4 lei4 hoi1
The two departed separately afterwards

ji4 hai2 tin1 kiu4 haa6 bin6 ge3 baai2 fa1 gaai1
Below the bridge on Lyndhurst Terrance

jau5 gei2 baak3 ming4 si5 man4 tung4 maai4 jing2 mai4 hai2 dou6 wai4 gun1
There were hundreds of people and fans were watching

bat1 gwo3 jau5 si5 man4 hai2 paak3 sip3 kei4 gaan1 jung6 sim2 gwong1 dang1 jing2 soeng2
However there were people taking pictures with flash on during the shooting

jiu3 gung1 zok3 jan4 jyun4 hyun3 zi2
They needed to be stopped by the shooting-crew

wai6 zo2 fong1 bin6 paak3 sip3
To facilitate the shooting

jau5 gwaan1 fong1 min6 zoeng1 jat1 dyun6 bun3 saan1 hang4 jan4 tin1 kiu4 fung1 bai3
The authority closed part of the pedestrian over-pass system below the Peak

hang4 jan4 jiu3 jiu2 lou6 ji4 hang4
Pedestrians had to make a detour

ging2 fong1 tung4 maai4 din6 jing2 ge3 gong1 zok3 jan4 jyun4
The police and the shooting crew

zau6 mong4 ju1 zi2 fai1 gaau1 tung1 tung4 maai4 hang4 jan4
Were busily directing the traffic and the pedestrians

Useful Vocabulary

  1. 行人
  2. 天橋
  3. 拍攝
  4. 工作人員
  5. 市民


milan said...

God this was hard. I studied the script line by line for 1 hour. Learned tons of vocab and then listened to the clip.

I instantly understood everything without thinking. However, if I tried to listen without studying up all the words, I'll probably would get only 40% at the speed and vocab level.

You rating it at Intermediate means my Cantonese is only Beginner Level 101. Need to do more study...

Thanks for posting this up, its about time I increase my vocab to more professional words.


Edwin said...

Don't worry. My grading is not accurate.

I originally graded the News series as advanced. But then I found the upcoming Entertainment series even harder.

An alternative, which I have been thinking of doing, is to have only 3 levels: tourists, learners, and native speakers. I can always switch things around if I find suitable.